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2013 Educational Seminars

Seminar Track 1

U.S. Drinks Conference



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John Beaudette Jeff Grindrod Mike Ginley Steve Raye

Regulatory and US Distribution System: John Beaudette, President of MHW Ltd.

Recognizing the challenges and solutions for launching brands:
• What are the regulatory requirements associated with the three tier system and what may be changing?
• How is the U.S. distribution landscape changing and what are the best options for market entry?
• What are the markup structures across the three tier system and how will my brand/trademark be valued if I eventually sell it?

What’s "Hot" and how do you take advantage of trends: Mike Ginley, President and Founder of Next Level Marketing.

A fast-paced and information-packed presentation of the latest beverage trends shaping the U.S. Beverage Alcohol industry:
• Total beverage alcohol overview
• Consumer insights driving growth opportunities
• Beer, wine and spirits category growth and brand trends to watch.

How to grow your brand in partnership –or in spite of or without-- distributor support: Steve Raye, Managing Partner, Brand Action Team
Understanding WIIFM "What’s In It For Me" from the distributor perspective.
• What’s the best way to get an initial meeting?
• What criteria do distributors use in evaluating whether to take on a brand?
• How to get distributors to support your brand.
• Distributor consolidation is limiting options, what’s the right strategy for my brand/company?

Setting a marketing budget for your brand launch: Jeff Grindrod, Managing Partner, Brand Action Team

Whether you’re a behemoth or a boutique brand you'll get the straight scoop in this session on allocating marketing spend that's right for you with answers to questions like
• What kind of budget do I need?
• How should I allocate marketing spend?
• How long will it take before a new brand launch turns profitable?
• What kind of realistic volumes can I forecast and expect?

Seminar Track 2


From Idea to Glass: Building a Profitable & Consistent Cocktail Menu.
Monday, 1:00 PM Room A 102

Junior Merino
Presented by Junior Merino, The Liquid chef

Creative genius and master mind behind the global empire of The Liquid Chef, Inc. Junior Merino started his career by creating signature cocktail menus. Be one of the first to learn Junior Merino's inside tips on creating a profitable & creative signature cocktail menu.

The Production, Usage, and Detection of Today's Fake IDs
Monday, 1:15 Room A 101

Ted Kuklinski
Fake IDs available to underage alcohol, tobacco, and gambling patrons today have reached a new level of sophistication. They contain credible facsimiles of holograms, barcodes, ultraviolet patterns, and other features that investigators have relied upon in the past to discern real from counterfeits. Learn about the major sources of fake IDs (ID Chief and its various successors), how they operate, and detailed characteristics of this new generation of fakes. Underage patrons acquire and use these fakes for access into liquors stores, bars, clubs, convenience stores, and casinos. The Real-ID Act has pushed states to incorporate higher levels of security in both the issuance and physical production of today's DMV issued licenses. Learn about new practical methods, tools and technologies (both manual and automatic) that can aid servers in the reliable detection of fake IDs.

Monday, 2:15, Room A 101

Ryan Malkin ESQ
Presented by Ryan Malkin ESQ, Expert beverage alcohol law

This seminar is for anyone who sells or services alcohol.
In this seminarRyan will discuss what happens from the time the police make an arrest or give you a Desk Appearance Ticket through disposition. He will review the various criminal penalties that bar owners may face, how the criminal justice system works, what to expect, and how you can take precautions today.

Monday, 2:15 Room A 102

Masahiro Takeda
Chris Johnson
"Coming to America," – A US Import / Export Primer for Japanese Beverage Alcohol Producers – Invitation Only

Social Media Marketing - Putting Things in Perspective
Monday, 3:15 PM Room A 101

Kayla Joyce

Antony King
Presented by: Antony King, Marketing Manager and Kayla Joyce, Marketing

This seminar won’t just cover “What is social Media?” but, instead dives into “How should I be doing it? Learn why Social Media needs to be a part of your marketing budget from the industry professional living it daily. Review real world- case studies , discover the benefits of e-commerce and online sales, and gain invaluable insights on how to engage with your consumers where they already live and breathe-online.

How to Boost Profits During the Economic Recovery
Monday, 4:15 Room A 101

Alex Picken
Eddie Dean

Rosa M. Sanchez

While the economy is finally looking up, hospitality executives continue looking down at their bottom lines -- desperately searching for the savvy strategies, proved methods, and cost-effective tools that will minimize risk and generate more revenue from recession-scarred patrons.

Nightclub impresario Alex Picken's diverse panel of nightlife veterans has seen it all. They will share their expertise and insight covering all the hot-button issues surrounding both opening a new establishment and running a profitable one: branding, marketing and promotions; buying and leasing; operations and security; and licensing and permitting.

Now in its third year, the popular “Picken’s Panel” is the must-attend conference event for hospitality executives looking to tap the minds of the industry’s most seasoned professionals. The recession might be officially over, but the road back to sustainable profitability is just beginning

The Expert Panel:
  • Eddie Dean, owner/operator of PACHA New York
  • Ronen Kaminitz, CEO of HGR Group
  • Alex Picken, owner/founder of Picken Real Estate and Nightclub Brokerage
  • Steve Salvesen, owner of RIP (Public Assembly, design and NYC Permitting)
  • Rosa M. Sanchez, president/founder of RMS Business Licensing & Consulting
  • Sal Tommasino, Owner All Season Protection

Pass the Cheese and the Beer Please
Monday, 3:15 Room A 102

Max McCalman

Susan Greene
Join Max McCalman, renowned as one of the cheese world's living legends and Susan Greene, craft beer expert for a tantalizing taste bud trip. Senses awaken and pallets explore, as they guide you through a cheese and beer tasting with no boundaries. Decide which cheese styles you enjoy best with different beer styles, learn about the reasons why cheese & beer pair so well together, get excited to feel comfortable with your choices. Wind your way through heightened flavor sensations as these two farmhouse delights are brought together.

New York Cocktail Scene Trends
MONDAY, 4:15 Room A 102

Mike Ginley
Moderator: Mike Ginley, Founder and Partner, Next Level Marketing

New York City is the epicenter of today’s cocktail and mixology scene. Brand Ambassadors have become critical to building premium beverage brands and creating the drink trends that make their way onto menus all across the country.

In this session you will meet New York City’s leading brand Ambassadors and get a first hand perspective of the latest trends they see taking place in the city that never sleeps


Tuesday, 1:00 PM, Room A 101

Allen Katz
Present by: Allen Katz , Director of Mixology & Spirits Education for Southern Wine & Spirits of New York. Co-founder of the New York Distilling Company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he produces Perry’s Tot – Navy Strength Gin & Dorothy Parker – American Gin…and forthcoming rye whiskey.

Join Allen for an entertaining session about the popularity of the” boutique distillery”. More industry entrepreneurs are interested in taking advantage of this exciting and profitable addition to their establishment. Allen will share his vision and expertise for this romantic and challenging endeavor

How to protect your Restaurants value if you dont wake up for breakfast Tuesday, 1:00 PM, Room A 102

John Napolitano
How to protect your Restaurants value if you don’t wake up for breakfast
By John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST
Chairman & CEO of U.S. Wealth Management
Succession planning isn’t only about dying too soon; it is about preventing your successful business from failing because of your pre-mature death, disability or the loss of a key employee. While no one should live in fear of these inevitabilities, the consequences of not addressing these issues now are far more costly than poor inventory control.

In this session, we will address five steps you can take now to save your business from failure by protecting and preserving the value that you have worked so hard to create. These steps will:

  • Prevent a major disruption in business operations
  • Preserve and protect the value of your business for your heirs, key employees and other stake holders
  • Give confidence to your partners, lenders and vendors
  • Help attract and retain the right key employees
  • Prevent a family feud and the frequently adverse consequences suffered

One for the Road - Reducing Your Liability in the Service and Sale of Alcohol
Tuesday, 2:15 Room A 102

Tara Paster
Businesses that serve and/or sell alcohol are responsible for preventing or reducing the occurrence of alcohol related incidents. To accomplish this, operators must develop and implement a comprehensive alcohol management system. One for the Road – Reducing Your Liability in the Service and Sale of Alcohol will address how these incidents can be avoided by creating a comprehensive, easy to use system that manages and monitors operation practices and procedures to meet legal responsibilities.

Revolutionizing the approach to responsible alcohol management is Alcohol HACCP! Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized systematic approach that is commonly applied to food safety. Alcohol HACCP applies this systematic approach to certain aspects of human behavior and business practices in order to provide responsible service and/or sale of alcohol.

Alcohol HACCP is an alcohol management system specifically designed to prevent, eliminate, or reduce possible alcohol-related incidents, including service and/or sale to visibly intoxicated persons (VIPs) and minors; as well as, third-party sales.

Irresponsible service and sale of alcohol can cause injuries, death, and property damage. It can also lead to loss of license, revenue, and even the complete closure of a business. Attendees will understand how to demonstrate reasonable efforts to reduce risks, establish responsible practices for serving and selling alcoholic beverages, and create proper legal documentation.

Social Media Optimization for Restaurants, Bars and Retailers
Tuesday, 1:15 PM, Room A 101

Andre Kay
How bars, restaurants & retail businesses can harness the power of social media to build, engage and grow their social media communities and in-store sales.

Cook Up More Business With The Power Of Video
Tuesday, 3:15 Room A 101

Micki Pagano

Tony Parente
Award-winning video for business

Learn Insider tips and discover the eight keys to creating an effective video that drives business – on any budget.


Tuesday, 2:15 Room A 101

Masahiro Takeda
Chris Johnson
Sake/Shochu 101 and Menu Writing Basics for Beverage Managers and Wine Professionals – Registration Required

Tuesday, 3:15 Room A 102


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